Last month Mosquitoe Gallery hosted Dr. Destruction’s 33rd Annual Dorian Gray Art & Music Show with a great turn out. The art pieces were stunning, the Doc and his assistant hosted a brief mini-show featuring some of the artists, the visitors were amused and The Roosevelt Dolls rocked the night away. A special thank you to everyone who joined us!

After the show, the jurors Dr. Destruction, Lilith Lovecraft and Randy Harju (not pictured) decided upon the show winner from the entered art pieces. All the entries were Dorian Gray themed, however the artists were encouraged to take their own spin on it. Thom Kapheim of Kapheim Studios blew the judges away with his piece, “Mr. Tubbs.”

Kapheim had commissioned this piece some time back for the real Mr. Tubbs. At the time Mr. Tubbs was seeking a talented artist to commission a self portrait. Kapheim obliged however upon the completion of the piece the new owner had disappeared. Despite many attempts to find Mr Tubbs, Kapheim had to keep the painting as is his own. He made a few changes to the piece, such as transforming Mr. Tubbs’s dog into the womanly, blue form. Right before Kapheim was going to paint over the portrait Mosquitoe Gallery reached out to him regarding the Dorian Gray show. The timing and theme couldn’t have been more perfect. Mr. Tubbs continues on in his painting form.